Efficiency and Compliance


Operate Efficiently, Reduce Costs and Stay Compliant

If you want to treat more patients and keep your costs in check you may have to install efficient and compliant business processes.

While applying the highest quality care standards for your patients, medical practices and covered entities must see their operations differently before it can develop efficiencies as well as achieve, illustrate and maintain compliance.

How Can We Help?

After assessing your current business processes, we can offer one or more of the following solutions to help achieve your efficiency and compliance needs:

Streamline Patient Encounters and Reduce Paperwork

You don’t have to work with a system that creates inefficient work around efforts with rigid software functionality designed by technologists making you and your staff work harder and longer hours.  Our system was designed and optimized by doctors for doctors.  It also has agile features allowing practice management (not expensive programmers) to easily customize and parallel the current workflow of your practice.

Why is our EHR ideal for your practice?

touchIt utilizes touch phrasing technology when documenting your SOAP notes.  Let your fingers do the charting with over 2,000 pre-loaded interviews, hundreds of interactive diagrams, drawing tools, and imported images automatically integrated with the patient chart; voice recognition and dictation.  Most users are only typing 5% and touching 95% allowing for more interaction with your patients in a compressed time frame.

Our EHR was designed by physicians who understand each practice workflow may vary.  From patient registration, scheduling, patient check-in, chart completion and e-prescription there’s only one screen to navigate.

Our physicians who use our EHR only spend an average of 2 minutes documenting each patient encounter.  If you see 20 patients a day that’s only 40 minutes to ensure proper documentation for billing, coding compliance and medical necessity documentation.  This allows physicians to do what they do best…..take care of patients.

Electronically Prescribe Controlled Substances

Electronically prescribing controlled substances is faster and more cost effective than printing prescriptions for controlled substances on specific state mandated paper. Our system clearly denotes that the prescriber is certified to prescribe controlled substances electronically, as well as which drugs are considered to be controlled substances.

eprescribe2 eprescribe3

Our pharmacy search function can quickly filter for pharmacies that are EPCS certified, and each provider will be prompted for their EPCS ID/Password combination as well as a one-time passcode for identity proofing.


patientportalnewSave Time, Empower Patients, Achieve Optimal Performance

If you are still interacting with customers in a manual way by having them:

  • Print paper forms for them to fill out for patient registration and bring them to the office only to have practice staff type the information in the practice management system;
  • Acknowledgement of HIPAA policies written on paper;
  • Document patient history on paper;
  • Patients calling you for scheduling appointments;
  • Outbound call appointment reminders;
  • Receive lab results via phone or fax;
  • Document and/or call patients to communicate lab results;
  • Mailing paper patient statements;
  • Call-in prescriptions and refills.

Ease your administrative burdens by automating the following:

  • Patient Pre-Registration – patient completes standard patient demographics, insurance and HIPAA forms online
  • Online Form Signatures – all forms can be signed online eliminating the need for scanning and uploading completed pre-registration forms
  • Appointment Requests – allow patients to request appointment time
  • Appointment Confirmation – patient confirms their appointment via email
  • Secure Patient Messages – patient and staff can interact at a time that is mutually convenient
  • Debit/Credit Card Processing –allows patients to process payments for you
  • Scan Insurance Card
  • Online Statements and Patient Payment Balance – view and process latest statement online; avoid mailing costly paper statements

Improve Clinical processes by automating the following:

  • Check-In – patients can self-check-in as well as complete chief complaints and HPI
  • Review and Add Medical Histories
  • Review and Add Medications
  • Prescriptions – process scripts and refills with patient preferred pharmacy
  • Messaging – exchange information with clinical staff and filter information
  • Lab Results – review results and communicate with patient to coordinate further care
  • Personal Health Records – download Meaningful Use compliant PHR files and review recent encounters
  • Virtual Office Visit – Visit with a patient via chat or video conferencing
  • Health Maintenance Reminders – for chronic patients as well as preventative care
  • Documentation Review – authorized practice staff can allow certain documents viewable

Our patient portal allows patients to become more connected with their care providers.  We invite you to see our patient portal so you may learn how we can make your practice more efficient and compliant.  Schedule a demonstration today.

patientportal5 patientportal4 patientportal3 patientportal2 patientportal1

HIPAA Compliance Made Easyhipaa_compliant

Can you afford to have an Office of Civil Rights Audit fine your practice up to $50,000 per record per incident?

We offer a simple, cost-effective, web-based solution designed to help any size organization to manage every aspect of HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliance.  By using our proprietary solution, you will Achieve, Illustrate and Maintain full compliance.


  • Training & Attestation Tracking
  • Self-Auditing, Gap ID, Remediation Plans
  • Privacy & Security Risk Assessments
  • Incident Management
  • Business Associate Management
  • HIPAA Coaches to Assist You
  • HIPAA Hotline
  • PCI Audit
  • Auto Updates of Federal Regulations
  • Policy & Procedure Templates


To learn more about how we can tailor custom solutions for your unique specialty, visit our practice specialties page.